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Common Paper Cloud Service Agreement term: Cloud Service Fees

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Cloud Service Fees is a variable that appears in the Cloud Service Agreement Cover Page, in the Order Form section. This section is for your agreements' key business terms.

How to fill this out

How much do you plan to charge your customer?

You have a few options for specifying your fees:

  1. Choose a flat rate per time period (or custom unit, like per user)

  2. Add a table to list a series of line items. Items can have a cost and a quantity, or choose "included" to specify something with no charge. You may also add discounts. A total row at the end of the table will tally all your line items and discounts automatically. You can specify whether your table describes charges for the entire Subscription Period, or a different unit.

  3. For complex or custom pricing, you can choose to describe your fees in plain text.

Tip: To specify fees for customers individually, you can override this when you send each agreement.


Do your fees already include all of the relevant taxes?

Default: No

Renewal fees

Do you want to be able to increase your fees automatically each time this contract renews? By how much?

Default: No

Tip: If you select "no", you should provide notice of any increase in fees before the Non-Renewal Notice Date window.

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