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Our Common Paper standards are occasionally updated over time, with both minor changes and major changes made to correct issues, adding support for additional use cases, or adapting to a changing legal landscape. Whenever changes are made, the standard is released as a new version, and the old version remains posted.

Each template and agreement in Common Paper is associated with a Common Paper standard and a specific version. As new versions are released, new templates (and the agreements created from those templates) are automatically associated with the latest version, while existing templates remain associated with the version used at the time of their creation.

Determining Versions

There are a few ways to determine which version of a standard a template or an agreement is using.

For templates, the version is listed in the table displaying all the templates. When viewing a template, the version is shown at the top of the page.

For agreements, the version is listed within the yellow box text included in the agreement. For the CSA, it looks like this:

Creating an Template with an old agreement version

In some cases, you may want to create a new template using an older version of a standard agreement.

Navigate to Templates, find the template type you wish to create and click on it.

The current version will appear near the top of the new template form that appears, along with a link to See All. NOTE: When creating a CSA template, this link is at the bottom right.

Clicking on this link will take you to a page which lists out all of the versions of the agreement, with the current version at the top of the list. In addition to direct links to each of the posted terms, there's an additional link (Compare all versions) that will show the changelog for each agreement type and how each version has modified the previous version.

From here, you can select which version you would like to create a template for, which will then return you to the new template form with the new version selected.

From there, the process to create a template and agreement is the standard one.

Upgrading/Changing a Template to a different version

There isn't currently a way to upgrade or change an existing template to a different version. In order to use a different version, you'll need to create a new template with the correct version.

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