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Common Paper Cloud Service Agreement term: SLA

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SLA is a variable that appears in the Cloud Service Agreement Cover Page, in the Order Form section. This section is for your agreements' key business terms.

SLA is an optional variable.

How to fill this out

Add a Service Level Agreement to include a guarantee about your product’s uptime and service credits for downtime. Common Paper offers a standard SLA. To use it, fill out a few extra variables:

  • Target Uptime: what percentage of time do you guarantee your product will be accessible on a monthly basis?

  • Maintenance Window: when are you allowed to perform scheduled maintenance and have it not count against your target uptime percentage?

  • Maintenance Notice Time: how far in advance will you alert your customer of any scheduled maintenance?

  • Service Credit: what credits against a future bill will you provide if you fail to meet uptime percentages? Create as many tiers as you need.

Or, you can use a different method:

  • Use the free text box to describe or link to your own SLA

  • Upload a PDF

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