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Searching and Filtering Agreements
Searching and Filtering Agreements
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The home screen of Common Paper is your list of agreements, giving you an overview of their counterparties, types and their status. By default, this list shows all agreements (regardless of status), with the exception of voided agreements.

As the number of agreements sent and completed in the system grows, there are number of filters and searches that make it easy to narrow the list of agreements to find what you are looking for.

There are two primary ways to find agreements on this list page:

Search by Name

This keyword search will look for partial matches of your search term in the following fields:

  • Counterparty Name

  • Counterparty Organization

  • Counterparty Email

Agreement Status

Choosing an option in this list will limit the results to only agreements that match that status. The All in Progress option will show agreements with any status that isn't Completed, Voided, Expired or Declined.

Note: Voided agreements are only visible when the Agreement Status filter is set to Voided. They will not show up in any other search results unless that filter is on.

Additional Filters

In addition to these two basic search and filter options, there are additional filters available by clicking the 'More options' button near the Agreement Status filter.

These additional filters include:

Agreement Types

This allows you to narrow the results to include a single agreement type. All of the Common Paper agreement types are listed, and any Custom Agreement Types that you've created (for categorizing Uploaded Documents) will also be available.


This allows you to narrow the results to only include agreements created from a specific agreement template. This is helpful if you have multiple templates for the same agreement type, for instance a CSA for one product vs. a CSA for a different product.


This allows you to narrow the research to only include agreements that were sent by a particular Common Paper user. This is great for seeing only agreements that you have sent, for instance.

Advanced Filters

Finally, there's a growing set of advanced filters that let you search deeper into the structured data of your agreements. To add these additional filters, simply choose the field you wish to search on, and then fill out the value.

To add additional advanced filters, click the Add filter button, and to remove an advanced filter, click the X on the far right side of the filter. You can have as many filters as you want.

The Clear all filters button will remove all filters and searches and return the agreements list to it's initial state.


The combination of all of these search and filter options provides you with a powerful way to navigate your agreements.

Here are a few examples:

See all agreements in progress that you have sent

  • Set the Agreement Status to All in Progress

  • Set the Senders filter to your Common Paper account

See all completed agreements still in force

  • Set the Agreement Status to Completed

  • Add an Advanced Filter for End Date greater than or equal to [today's date]

See All CSAs signed in the last quarter

  • Set the Agreement Status to Completed

  • Set the Agreement Type to Cloud Service Agreement

  • Add an Advanced Filter for Signed Date greater than or equal to [first day of quarter]

  • Add an Advanced Filter for Signed Date less than or equal to [last day of quarter]

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