Set up a public form that your prospects and customers can use to initiate agreements with you.

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Most of your Common Paper agreements are likely initiated by your organization through the Common Paper web app. Pages allow a different path: your prospects or customers can fill out a short web form at a public URL, and generate an agreement automatically from one of your organization's templates.

A published Page.

Note: this feature currently only supports NDAs. Support for additional agreement types is planned.

How to use pages

Say your organization wants each prospect to sign an NDA before entering into a sales conversation, or before reviewing a security report like a SOC 2. You can create a page for these prospects to kick off an NDA signature process by themselves. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. Create an NDA template in Common Paper. Give this template whatever settings you'd like. (For example, you can choose to disallow negotiation on agreements created from this template.)

  2. In the Pages tab, select "Create a page" and choose your template from the dropdown.

  3. Give your page a title and a subheading. You can use these to explain to your prospects why you'd like them to sign an NDA with your organization. You can also add extra optional body copy (supporting markdown).

  4. If you have organization branding set up in your Settings tab, you can choose to include it on your page.

  5. Preview your page to make sure you like your content, and publish. Your page will be live at the URL generated when you publish.

  6. Link to the page from your site with a hyperlink or button.

Receiving agreements from pages

Each time someone fills out the form on your page, you will receive an email notifying you that an agreement has been created from a particular page. Agreements will flow through the normal path: your customer will review and accept the agreement, and parties will sign in the order specified in your template settings. You'll receive the typical email notifications informing you when it's your turn to sign.

Turning pages off

If you need to stop accepting submissions on your page, use the toggle to set the page to "not live." The page will display the following message:

"This page isn't currently accepting submissions."

You can also fully archive a page to remove it from your list of pages.

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