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Reassigning recipients
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Agreements need to move from one recipient to another within an organization for a variety of reasons - the wrong recipient in the first place, the person that negotiates an agreement needs to pass to someone else to review or sign, etc. Common Paper makes it easy for both senders and recipients to pass around an in-flight agreement.

Sender initiated reassignment

Common Paper users can change the key recipient at any time while an agreement is in-flight. To change a recipient, click into the agreement details, and under the Other Actions menu click on Change Recipient.

You'll be prompted for the new recipient's name and email address. You can also optionally add comments if you want to explain why you are reassigning or just provide a friendly message.

Additionally, you can toggle whether the original recipient should be added to the Keep Informed list, which will send them copies of any emails sent to the new recipient. This is especially useful when reassigning from the primary contact at an organization to a signer - this way the primary contact will still be aware of the progress of the signatures.

Once reassigned, both the old and new recipients will receive emails telling them of the change. Additionally, the reassignment is captured in the history of the agreement.

Recipient initiated reassignment

Recipients that receive agreements sent from Common Paper have a few different ways that they can reassign the agreement to other members of their organization.

When first viewing an agreement, recipients are presented with a dialog to accept the Common Paper Terms of Service. Included in this dialog is an option for Assign to someone else.

In addition to this option, recipients also can initiate a reassignment from the Other Actions menu when viewing the agreement itself by clicking on Assign to someone else. The recipient has the same options as the sender including adding comments to include with the reassignment and placing themselves on the Keep Informed list.

As before, both old and new recipient will receive emails regarding the change.

Here is the form that recipients will see when reassigning the agreement.

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