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Common Paper users and roles
Common Paper users and roles
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Inviting team members

Users in Common Paper with the Admin role can invite additional users to the account. From the Team page, click on Invite team member. You'll be prompted to supply an email address and the role for the user. See below for an explanation of the roles.

Invited users will receive an email from Common Paper with a link directing them to the onboarding process, where they will be prompted for their name and title.

Currently, an email address can only belong to one organization. If you invite a user that is already a Common Paper user, you will receive an error message. A workaround for this (for some email platforms, particularly Google) is to add a variable to email address.

Understanding user roles

NOTE: This feature is only available for customers on Common Paper's Growth and Enterprise plans. Click here for more information.

If your plan includes multiple user roles, there are two types in Common Paper - Admin Users and Standard Users.

Standard users

The Standard user role is meant for team members that need access to Common Paper to create, send and negotiate their own agreements. A typical Standard user is a member of a sales team, and not a sales manager.

Standard Users can:

  • Create new agreements from existing templates

  • Customize CSA order forms and PSA SOWs

  • View and control agreements that they created

  • Sign agreements (if they are set as a signer)

  • Upload signed agreements

Standard users CANNOT:

  • Invite new team members

  • Create/edit templates

  • Modify the Key Terms section when creating agreements

  • Change organizational settings

  • Control agreements that they don't own

  • Upload Attachments

Admin users

Users in this role have the ability to do anything in the system.

NOTE: The user that signs up for Common Paper is automatically given the Admin role.

Changing user roles

If your plan supports multiple user roles, Admin users have the ability to adjust any team member's role. On the Team Page, click on the name of an individual team member, and adjust the toggle pick which role that user should have.

Removing a team member

A user with the Admin role can deactivate another team member from the Team page by clicking on the team member's link, and then pressing the Deactivate button.

Deactivated users will no longer be able to log in to the platform.

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