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Post-signature payment links
Post-signature payment links

Direct recipients to a payment page after they sign

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Often the next step after signing an agreement is collecting payment from customers. For companies that use tools like Stripe, that can often mean sending them a link to a checkout page or invoice to complete their payment. Payment Links in Common Paper allows you to automatically direct your recipients to these links after they sign your Common Paper agreement.

Getting a payment link

If you are a Stripe customer, follow the instructions here. For other tools, or to use your own form, all that's needed is a public URL that leads where you wish to direct your customers.

Adding a payment link to an agreement

Attaching a payment link to a Common Paper agreement is easy. First, create a new agreement as you normally would. At the bottom of the form is a section for After Signing. Check Include a payment link and then fill in the textbox with the payment link you wish to use.

NOTE: Only Cloud Service Agreements (CSA), Design Partner Agreements and Professional Service Agreements (PSA) currently support Payment Links.

Adding or editing a payment link after sending

In addition to adding a payment link during the creation process, it's possible to add (or edit) payment links AFTER an agreement has been sent. On the Agreement details page there's a section for After Signing. Click the change link and you'll be prompted to add or edit a payment link.

Changes to the payment link (or removal of the payment link) after creation are captured in the history events for the agreement.

NOTE: Once a recipient has signed an agreement, it's no longer possible to add/edit a payment link.

What customers see

Immediately after a recipient signs an agreement that has a payment link attached, they will be redirected to a special post-signature success page. Clicking on Add your payment details will direct them to the link you provided.

In addition to being directed to this page, recipients will also receive an email with the payment link as well, in case they need to return later to do it or need to pass it to someone else in their organization to complete it. You can double check that a customer has been sent the payment link by looking in the history events for the agreement.

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