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Sample agreements from templates
Sample agreements from templates

Circulate a sample agreement built from a template with prospective customers.

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Sometimes it's helpful to send a sample Common Paper agreement to a prospective customer ahead of sending a finalized agreement. Providing a sample agreement allows the customer become familiar with the Common Paper standards, the Cover Page format, and in general raise any issues early in the sales process that might cause friction with legal teams.

About sample agreements

A sample agreement is built from an underlying template. It will include all the values defined within the template, and leave blank any terms that are required when sending an agreement, but not required (and have no values set) when creating a template (for example, Cloud Service Fees in the CSA).

Sample agreements also include a blank signature block.

Generating a sample agreement

Once you've created an agreement template you'll have the ability to create a sample agreement and download it as either a PDF or a Word document.

Find the template that you want to use on the Templates page, and click on the Template name. Click on the Actions menu, and select Download sample agreement. You'll then be prompted to choose which file type to download.

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