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Cover Page templates make defining terms and sending agreements simple.

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When you set up an agreement in Common Paper, you start by creating an agreement template. This is where you define the Cover Page variables you want to use for this type of agreement.

You can create as many templates as you want. For example, you could make several Cloud Service Agreement templates with different Cover Page variables for different products, or different market segments.

Template settings

These settings control the defaults for all agreements created with this template. Admins can override a default setting on individual agreements.


Sets a default person who will be asked to sign your agreement on behalf of your organization.

Allow negotiation?

If turned on, your counterparty will be allowed to propose changes to your Cover Page variables. If turned off, your counterparty will only have the option to sign, or decline the agreement.


Set how long your agreements remain open for signing with Agreement request expiration.

Document settings

Controls whether a copy of the agreement’s Standard Terms is included in the final pdf that gets signed by all parties.

User Roles

Templates can only be created and edited by account Admins.

Standard users can access templates and create agreements from them, but can only change certain terms that need to vary from agreement to agreement, such as a CSA Order Form.

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Common Paper has many more features for streamlining your full contract workflow, from drafts to signatures to notification integrations. Check out the Features and Integrations article collection for more.

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