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Get a link you can email to a counterparty manually.

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Shareable links offer a way to manually email your agreement recipient a link to view their agreement. Some Common Paper organizations use this feature to follow up with their counterparties directly via email.

Generate a shareable link

From an agreement's history page, choose "Get shareable link." This opens a popup with a link you can copy.

The "Other actions" list in an agreement history page.
The popup where you can copy your shareable link

Shareable links are only available on existing agreements which have been sent, and not on draft agreements.

Viewing and signing via shareable links

Anyone who is given a shareable link will be able to see the contents of the agreement Cover Page, including any attachments, and the name of the counterparty and signer the agreement was sent to.

The agreement as a counterparty will see it. It states the counterpary signer's name, and offers a verification button that says "send verification."

To make sure the correct person is signing, Common Paper asks viewers of shareable links to verify their email before they are able to propose agreement changes or sign. Viewers click the "Send verification" button, which emails the intended recipient a new link where they can continue the signature process.

Link expiration

By default, shareable links expire in 30 days. To create a new link, simply click "Get shareable link" again. Each time this process is followed a new link will be generated, with a 30-day expiration date. Old links will continue to work until expired.

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